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WordPress security check & safety steps

Is my WordPress system secure? A question that not many website operators ask themselves – but should definitely be asked! But how do I know if my site is secure?

WordPress Security Check

I have developed a basic check that shows whether a WordPress website has basic protection. Here is the instant analysis:

Secure your WordPress system

We improve your WordPress installation security measures. Contact us by phone at +43 664 1540840 or send us an email to

Why should I be hacked?

Is my website protected against hackers? But as a small company, I’m certainly not that interesting … am I?

A good question in itself, but one that is just as easy to answer:

  • Data acquisition and misuse or sale of data
  • Financial gain (advertising, redirection to own site)
  • Personal interest (damage to reputation, political stance)
  • The Challenge – according to the motto: Why? Because I can do it!

There is also a clear principle: the more difficult a website is to hack, the less likely it is to be hacked. On the other hand, of course, there is the countervalue or what the attacker hopes to achieve. But a whole book could be written about this alone.

How can I protect myself?

Back to the topic of security – when is a system secure? How do I make my system secure? And above all: what do I have to do to prevent hacking? First of all, the bad news: you can’t prevent it completely. But now the even worse news: you should still do something about it.

But seriously – the more secure a system is set up, or the more hurdles you create, the more difficult it is to hack a website. This is exactly what makes it more difficult for hackers and if the effort is not there, they will look for easier prey. Why make life difficult for yourself?

How to make WordPress secure

There is no one-size-fits-all solution or one way to completely secure a website. But there are certain measures you can take to make WordPress more secure. Just a few steps can often help. We have summarized the services in 2 packages:

1) Security check & basic optimization

  • SSL certificate active
  • Default database prefix analysis
  • Admin, wordpressadmin as user
  • Prevent login feedback
  • Block REST API / xml-rpc if not needed
  • WordPress / Theme / Plugins versions analysis
  • Current PHP version analysis
  • Analyze comments / block pingback
  • Disable the built-in file editors
  • Prevent code execution in the „Uploads“ folder
  • Hide current WP version
  • Report / Summary of actions taken

2) WordPress security actions

  • 2Factor authentication optional
  • Hide default login path optional (if not needed publicly)
  • Change default database prefix
  • Check for potentially compromised plugins
  • Delete inactive users / plugins / themes
  • Analysis plugin cleanup
  • Updating: WordPress / Theme / Plugins
  • Update to current PHP version
  • Activate error output and error check
  • Analyze the file structure for obvious files
  • Lock comments globally and at post level
  • Clean up existing spam comments
  • Deactivate directory search
  • Deactivate user enumeration
  • Deactivate „Anyone can register“ if not needed
  • Active scan with a security tool
  • Report / Summary of actions taken

We also recommend regular backups. These should ideally take place daily. If you would like to have your website checked and better secured, please feel free to contact us.