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WordPress 6.4 Release at 7.11. 2023

WordPress 6.4 is scheduled for release today – on November 7, 2023 – and should be available shortly. We have summarized what the new version brings for you.

PHP 8 compatibility

There are numerous enhancements for PHP 8.1 and PHP 8.2, and it is generally recommended by to use at least PHP 8.1. If your website or online shop is running on an older PHP version, it is advisable to upgrade it before the update. Learn more about PHP Version 8.2 here.

More flexible Standard Theme 2024

With the new WordPress version, a new default theme is introduced: Twenty Twenty-Four.

It comes with a variety of templates and patterns, providing you with many options right from the start. This is aimed at reducing the need for additional plugins, as the theme’s built-in features are expanded with various design elements and functionalities.

Additionally, you have the option to store patterns in your own categories.

Improved Writing & new Shortcuts

Writing texts is now even easier. The commands and toolbox for commands have been revamped to improve the workflow. In addition, more shortcodes have been added. The graphical interface in this area has also been completely redesigned, making it look even cleaner. To further streamline your workflow, WordPress now allows you to add your own commands – with or without an icon.

Furthermore, you can now rename grouped blocks, which additionally enhances clarity when editing.

Image Preview & Aspect Ratio

Who hasn’t experienced this: the background image should look good, but it’s either too small, cropped, or distorted. Finding the right positioning can often be tedious. That’s where the new aspect ratio feature for placeholders comes into play. It is designed to significantly assist you in setting layouts. The gallery and image preview (especially in the list view) also come with a new design.

Performance Updates

The theme of performance is omnipresent and remains indispensable: the faster, the better. Pages should load and display instantly, pagespeed should be as fast as possible, and the website or webshop should appear with minimal latency.

Improving speed isn’t limited to server-side approaches alone. WordPress has incorporated more than 100 performance updates in WP Version 6.4, so we can look forward to further speed enhancements.

Update & Compatibility

As with every WordPress update, we recommend performing updates first on a staging site (testing environment). This way, you can check whether the theme and plugins are compatible or if the website displays any errors.

My advise: protect the site with a password and enable the Debug mode.

Particular caution is advised for online shops – WooCommerce has implemented several changes with version 8.2, requiring compatibility testing with WordPress and especially with other plugins.

It is also recommended to use PHP version 8.1 or PHP 8.2.