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WordCamp Vienna 2023 at the University of Vienna

WordCamp 2023 took place in Vienna on April 15 & 16. We were there and brought ourselves up to date on all things WordPress.

WordCamp arrival & first impression

I arrived in Vienna in the pouring rain and it wasn’t going to get any better – at least as far as the weather was concerned. But that’s not why I came. No, I was rather excited about the many topics that awaited me at WordCamp.

So the first thing I did on Saturday at 8 a.m. at the university campus in Vienna (formerly the old AKH) was to register. Equipped with a valid admission pass and a WordCamp T-shirt, I first went to the stands. There were exhibitors from plugin manufacturers, an agency and a hoster. And coffee, of course. Equipped with this and my plan, I once again decided on my “lecture day”.

WordPress lectures

WordCamp Vienna has begun. This event is one of the largest in Europe and was the biggest in Central Europe. The lectures (so-called tracks) were divided into 3 areas:

  • Track 1 – Security, AI, SEO (German)
  • Track 2 – VR, Security, Editing, Tracking (English)
  • Track 3 – Developer Room (English)

There were many interesting topics and it was difficult to choose between them. Nevertheless, it was clear that I would spend most of my time in the Developer Room – and so it was!

WordPress Plugin Development & Performance

The main topics covered here were how to work efficiently with WordPress and how to extend the system with themes and plugins. Of course, performance was also a major topic. There are several approaches to getting more out of this – and they start with hosting. Or they end with headless systems, which can be completely decoupled with Gatsby and thus mapped with extremely high performance.

Content creation

Patterns were also a very exciting topic for me. Behind this is a template-based behavior, but in combination with logic a very powerful tool. In my opinion, these have a lot of potential and the area of content creation can benefit enormously from this development.

WordPress security

Security is of course another very important topic (learn more about the WordPress & WooCommerce security check). Especially as this is usually underestimated. The title “Hacking WordPress websites” alone is enough to attract attention. And Bartosz Stankiewicz’s presentation even exceeded expectations.

WordPress experts

In between, it stopped raining briefly – WordCamp Vienna 2023 group foto. It was incredible to see how many people with profound expertise and visions as well as many years of experience with WordPress were in one place. I got to talk to other WordPress developers and experts and we were able to exchange ideas on a professional level. Some developments for the future emerged and it became clear where the focus lies. WordPress – and the entire online world – is constantly evolving and new innovations and improvements are being released all the time.

The topic is and remains exciting and I am already looking forward to the many new developments.