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New WordPress Version 6.3 in August: What to expect!

The time has come: A new WordPress version with new features and improvements is coming in August. You can find out exactly what is planned and when the update is coming here.

According to Make WordPress Core, the release date is planned for 2023/08/08. This will again be tested extensively in several stages before it is rolled out and also included in the update run. Since extensive code changes are to be expected, this update may result in compatibility issues with your theme or installed plugins. We therefore recommend that you always make a backup before the update. This can then be restored if the site is corrupted or no longer works. As a rule, however, the larger theme and plugin developers are prepared for the update and the update should work for the most part.

New features in WordPress 6.3

But now to the new features – what new features are planned? And what makes the new WordPress version better? Here is a short video:

Block Patterns

The Gutenberg Editor is now being expanded to include patterns – these are templates that can be designed and prepared. These templates can then simply be inserted and filled. This means that recurring elements can be reused. The big advantage is when the template is changed. Because then all instances of it are also modified – be it an additional element or a different design.

Pages & Menu

The Design & Menu area comes with a clearer design and you can access settings areas more quickly and easily. Menus (desktop – as well as your own mobile menus) can now be changed and expanded directly within the navigation – and in a very user-friendly way using drag & drop. can now be created and edited much more easily and intuitively.

We can also expect the same new function for the pages: these can now also be accessed directly in the left-hand backend navigation area. This will get you to your destination faster.

The header and footer have now also found their own place. The two elements are now placed directly next to the patterns. We are curious to see whether this will also be supported by the current theme manufacturers. Standardization would definitely be very user-friendly here and would also lead to tidier backends.

Super fast direct access

With Cmd + K you can now navigate directly between areas – similar to the Spotlight search on Mac OSX. On Windows you can do this with Ctrl + K.

Other new features

Images now have an aspect ratio that you can assign from the predefined selection. A special added value for the blog – here you now have a tool for more design freedom right from the start. But you’ll especially love the revisions. These are now listed in the form of a timeline and you can switch back and forth between the changes in real time. Other features include sticky blocks (so you can easily fix and highlight elements) and improvements in the blog grid area.