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More sales with the “online advent calendar“

It’s fall and the Christmas season is getting closer and closer. Now is the time to prepare everything for the winter sales and the Christmas season. And this should also be marketed accordingly. One proven option that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the online advent calendar.

A marketing strategy that inspires customers and target groups

If you compare the digital version with a conventional Advent calendar, the chocolate is missing, but there are all kinds of other “sweets” that you can offer your customers. These can look very different: For example, Christmas pictures, retrospective events, contemplative poems, but also gifts, vouchers, offers or competitions. But how exactly can the online Advent calendar be used?

The online Advent calendar can be ordered from € 799,- without taxes. With a customized look & feel, optional filling and marketing plan – you can enquire and get advice free of charge

Stronger customer loyalty and new customer acquisition

The daily surprise of what is hidden behind the door will encourage your customers to visit more often – and ideally every day. They are usually eagerly awaiting the next gift, discount or exclusive content. Similar to a captivating series – but the content should be designed in exactly the same way: With added value, the “aha” effect or with a smile.

Increase brand visibility

An online advent calendar with interesting content gets around quickly. This is the best form of advertising: word of mouth and recommendation marketing. And the most important thing is that you are a topic of conversation. This also leads to more users and future customers, as well as regular customers, stopping by. Our tip: Build up excitement and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Listen to the customer’s wishes and try to satisfy one or more needs by designing your content accordingly.

Pointed target group marketing

The online advent calendar is very specific compared to the chocolate advent calendar. Everyone likes chocolate. But not everyone is your customer. And that’s a good thing. Because that’s how you reach your target audience. Especially those who are already your customers or who will one day become your customers. This gives you a marketing tool that you can use to publish your content in a targeted manner.

It’s best to think about a common thread here. A theme for the 2023 Advent season will make you stand out and offer your customers something special. At the same time, you serve your target group and stay within your product range.

Experience a joyful Advent season online

The anticipation of the Christmas season, experiencing contemplative moments and spending this time with the family – these are the wishes that we wish not only for others, but also for ourselves time and again. However, in these fast-moving times, this is often easier said than done. The online Advent calendar is a platform that can be used to convey this anticipation in your company, your branch or personally.

Make your customers happy and get the publicity going. A so-called win-win situation. With this in mind, we wish you a peaceful Advent season and a Merry Christmas! Although it still feels a little strange at the beginning of October with almost summer temperatures…