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Hosting: Server Performance Optimization

To ensure that ongoing processes can be processed more efficiently, we have had our hoster make a change and to increase our server performance.

In January 2023, the technology on our web server, which is responsible for the dynamic creation of web content, was changed. This involved switching from CGIwrap to PHP-FPM.

CGIwrap (Common Gateway Interface wrap)

The CGI wrapper script is used to execute CGI programs (such as Perl scripts or shell scripts) on a web server. The result of the script executed on the server side is then sent to the web browser and displayed. It is also responsible for ensuring that scripts are executed securely and centralized on a server.

PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager)

In contrast to CGI, FPM is a further development of FastCGI. This protocol allows content to be generated dynamically. FPM ensures that PHP scripts are executed securely and efficiently. This technology is also more easily scalable. A major advantage here is that only processes that are actually needed are started, which saves resources.

This means that hosted websites and online stores can now be processed more efficiently.