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Create your e-mail signature for free


I have developed a tool for you with which you can generate your e-mail signature for Mail, Outlook or Webmail free of charge. And also for your entire team.

Generate email signature online

Alright, there are several online email signature generators out there. That’s why I decided to google it, quickly generate a signature and I’m done. No sooner said than done… Well, at least in theory. After finding many designs with different layouts and much more, there was still nothing suitable. Es sollte schlicht und so anpassbar sein, dass es kompatibel ist und auch zur Marke passt.

So I didn’t found any pleasant one, I decided to develop my own tool – and this one I want tou share with you for free.


Contact Data

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General Settings

Create & Generate Signature ....

How does the signature generator work?

It’s really quite simple:

  • Simply enter all the information you want to include.
  • The signature is then generated with Generate signature and you can then copy it to the clipboard with
  • Copy signature to the clipboard.
  • Manage the signatures in Outlook (or your e-mail program or webmail), then
  • Create a new signature and copy it with
  • Copy & Paste – or just paste it – using paste
  • and save

But it’s best to try it out for yourself. If you don’t need something, just leave it blank.